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Get Access To Beautiful Collections Of Glass Nectar Collector In Fancy Designs!

Nectar collectors are quickly becoming the most popular method of smoking extracts. Numerous dabbing fans view them as among the most practical and convenient tools to handle.


A nectar collector is a little dab device made for smoking oils and waxes. It has a tube shape and is comparable to drinking with a straw.

A nectar collector consists of a few essential parts. The tip makes contact with the concentration. Depending on your choice, the body can be filled with water or left dry. The nectar collector entrance is the neck. The tip can be constructed of either titanium or quartz and can be exchanged as required.

Nectar collectors are designed to be handled and utilized upright, making the vaporization of concentrates easier. These tools, sometimes referred to as honey straws or dab straws, are often made of silicone or glass. Your selection of material will alter your entire smoking experience. Aficionados of flavor typically favor hand-blown glass nectar collectors. Although silicone modifies the aroma of cannabis vapor, it is the finest solution for traveling your vaping device.

If you are a smoker and wish to fit the style of your glass pipe and nectar collector to your individuality, Stoned Genie is eager to help you with their amazing choice of handcrafted glass pipes and nectar collectors. The exquisite glass nectar collector is a convenient method to make a distinctive sense of style since no one has previously provided you with such products.

Wax enthusiasts should experiment with the inclusion of premium nectar collectors. You can get a head start with one of our beautiful glass or silicone nectar collectors.

At, which sells all varieties of colorful and fashionable designs of smoking accessories in bulk, you may choose from multitudes of Wholesale Glass Pipes, Nectar Collectors, & Other Smoking Accessories.