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A quality zong might just be one of the coolest pieces you add to your collection. These unique water pipes look a lot like a bong, but they often have a distinct Z-shaped chamber for the body. Some zongs use a singular “Z” pattern, while others might use multiple layers for an even longer neck. Many tokers believe that this longer chamber makes for a smoother smoke, which is likely why zongs are so popular for dry herbs. 

Zongs vary in size, from small bubblers to large rigs that are many feet in length. Here on Stoned Genie, you’re sure to find zongs for sale that will nicely complement your other gear. A zong is a great place to start for your first piece, serves as a reliable backup, and even makes a great gift. And since zongs make for such an uncommon smoke sesh, you’ll be going back for more and more hits that are equally as enjoyable to watch as they are to rip.

Our zongs range in price, size and decorative designs. If you’re looking for a truly unique option to add to your collection, search no further than our zong collection here at Not only will it be a piece that you’ll be proud to show off, but our prices make it easy for you to always add something new to your collection.  

Whenever it’s time to re-up on a new rig for your collection, check out one of our favorite zong options below. We’re sure to have exactly what you need! 

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