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No smoker’s toolkit is complete without a quality grinder. Not only does a grinder help to grind up your favorite herbs, but it also makes your stash last longer. At Stoned Genie, we aim to be your online headshop for reliable herb grinders and other quality smoking accessories

Our grinders range in size, color and other variances. Whether you’re looking for something you can stash in your pocket or something to store at home on your rolling tray, you’re sure to find it within our online headshop. And because our herb grinders are incredibly easy to clean, you won’t have to worry about residue and other buildup that you might find with cheaper models. 

As you work to build your grinder collection, we’re excited to be the shop you rely on. Our inventory is continually improving, as we are always adding the best grinders and other smoking accessories you’re sure to need. Be sure to bookmark - we can’t wait to see you again! 

In the market for a new grinder? Check out some of our favorite options below. 

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