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Real smoking connoisseurs know that it’s not just about your herb or your rig that makes for enjoyable smoke sessions.  After all, imagine having some of your favorite herbs and a new bowl from Stoned Genie, only to realize you’re out of other must-have accessories to burn with. 

True smoking enthusiasts know that it’s the small details that count. This is why it’s important to ensure that you have all of the right accessories every time you load your new rig. Here at Stoned Genie, we aim to be the online headshop that has all of your papers, trays, bowls, bangers and other smoking accessories. We also make a diligent effort to continually update our inventory with the latest and greatest stuff, making it easier to keep up with the hottest new trends. 

If you’ve just started your connoisseur collection, you’re at the right spot to add more goodies. You can view more of our accessories below - including our best sellers and favorite gear. 

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