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If you thought the only way to get a smooth and enjoyable hit was through a giant piece, we’re excited to introduce you to bubblers. A glass bubbler can be used for all of your herbs, making for a convenient rig that can be ripped on in a number of scenarios. With a bubbler pipe, you’re in for an epic smoke sesh with a smaller piece. Just grind up your favorite herbs, decide whether you want to add any water to the bubbler, and light up your bowl as you dip into a relaxing high. 

The bubblers on Stoned Genie are crafted with skill and precision in mind. When you buy a bubbler from us, you’re going to get something that you’re sure to love. You might even end up putting all of your other pieces on the shelf while you enjoy your new bubbler pipe. With our massive selection of bubbler choices, there is a size, style and shape for every toker out there. 

The icing on the cake with bubblers is that you can also affix various attachments to your pipe for even more enhanced use. Be sure to check out our accessories for bowls, bangers and other pieces that you can add to your bubbler. 

How do you get an even more enjoyable smokeout than ripping from a regular pipe? Make your bubbler truly yours with various attachments and other personalized elements. 

In the market for a new bubbler? Check out some of our favorite options below. 

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