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Wholesale Bongs

One of the most popular ways to smoke blends and herbs is with a water pipe, also known as a bong. When smoking out of a larger apparatus with chilled water in the base, your experience will be more smooth and enjoyable. Bongs are some of our best selling smoking pieces, which goes to show how much these are a favorite among smokers. 

Bongs range in size, shape, details, internal gadgets and more. Whether you’re looking for your first introductory glass water pipe or you are investing in another piece for your collection, you’re sure to find an expansive amount of options here on 

Smoking aficionado’s love water pipes because the cool water makes for a more enjoyable smoke sess. It’s not uncommon to notice the hot smoke that comes from other forms of smoking, but this can be avoided when using a bong. With more room in the chamber for air to travel, while also passing through the chilled water on the journey, you’re in for a truly enjoyable smoking experience. 

Or if you’re in the market for a new glass bong, check out our massive list of options for durable and reliable water pipes. 

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